What would you do if you accidentally kidnapped your inner child? Kate Denai’s world just got weird, because she’s going to find out.

Adulting is hard for twenty-eight-year-old Kate Denai. She’s single, alone in a new city, and facing rock bottom again. When she discovers a tiny stowaway, five-year-old Sadie Beck, in the back of her Jeep, she’s in no mood to play. But when Kate realizes Sadie may be in real danger, she vows to protect her at any cost.

On the run from their crumbling lives and the law, they race across state lines, drifting over spiritual borders where they uncover a remarkable connection. As their bond grows stronger, Kate begins to wonder who’s saving whom?

And who the hell is this little girl, anyway? How does she know the things she knows?

With the law closing in, Kate runs out of options and she’s forced to make the most difficult decision of her life, possibly losing everything she’s come to love.

At once hilarious and heartbreaking, Chasing Kate is a riotous and unforgettable voyage of self-transformation, fueled by the love story between a woman trapped by her past and the little girl who sets her free.

Chasing Kate is a rollercoaster of emotions! I felt an instant connection with the characters and thought they were well developed and well written. I completely fell in love with the adorable Sadie and her lisp. I love this book and I highly recommend it!”

— Crystal Woods​

Chasing Kate was a delightful surprise: a perfect mix of pathos, humor and suspense that made me want to become a backseat passenger with Kate and her wee traveling companion, Sadie. Kelly Byrne paints beautiful word-pictures and somehow manages to make two improbable characters totally believable.”

— Anne Wolfe​

“It’s been a long time since I have been so sucked in by great storytelling. This is the kind of book you stay up all night to finish. I highly recommend you take this journey. It will have you laughing, choking back tears (or openly sobbing like me), and checking the B.S. meter on your own life.”

— Bridget Hayes​

“Love this book. It’s a raw and beautiful journey of two misfits in need of each other. Their journey and growth will both break your heart and have you loving them at the same time. A love story not to be missed.”

— Carlinda Hailstone​