Kelly Byrne created photography, invented the wheel, and taught Alanis Morissette the meaning of ironic. She has broken the speed of light typing. Twice. In under a year, she’s written 1,296 novels. They’re all New York Times best sellers with over one billion sales worldwide. On a whim, she discovered the meaning of life and created a crossword puzzle with the answer. No one has solved it. She’s never prone to hyperbole, always tells the truth, and loves writing about herself in third person. Her home is a castle in the sky above Los Angeles. There, you’ll find her playing indoor badminton with her superhero boyfriend, snuggling her very silly dog, and breaking the speed of light for the third time on her 1,297th novel while listening to an absurd number of true-crime podcasts.

Okay, seriously, 5 mostly true things about me

I’ve lived in five different states and moved over 30 times in ten years because I was running from the law like Kate. No. No I wasn’t. 

Or was I?

I’ve been a snowboard instructor, a pet photographer, raced motorcycles (avec tutu), and jumped out of a helicopter into a lake.

My boyfriend and I are currently training to become professional badminton players. We got very good after we took it outside.

Ted Lasso was spot on – tea tastes like pigeon sweat. Coffee is tree tar. But dip me in a vat of dark chocolate and you’ll never see me again.

 I’ve written in just about every genre and I’m an award-winning poet, playwright, and short story writer.

But that’s enough tooting (my own horn).

racing Avec tutu