5 Life Lessons I’ve Learned From Pets

I’ve loved animals since I was a teeny person with tiny grubby hands that yanked too hard on fur. I’ve tried to ride my fair share of beagles (don’t do this) and I’m sure I nearly strangled a couple pups giving them “Kelly hugs,” but I know they’ve forgiven me. It’s what they do. Also,…

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Fiction, Friends, and Fuzz, OH MY!

Author Kelly Byrne humorous dog smiling close up

Welcome back! Thanks for stopping by for Fuzzy Friday. Before I move on to more fuzz in the post, I’d like to do a little housekeeping. Be done in a jiffy. As I mentioned before, my goal with this here blog is to post up three times a week. It’s good to have goals. My…

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The Great Procrastination Attempt

In the spirit of full-disclosure and mild over-sharing this post is an explanation of my last three years, also known as the Great Procrastination Attempt on my life (and my dreams), perpetrated by, well, me. Did that sentence have enough commas for you? I’m not entirely sure I put them all in the right places….

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