Wonder woman


  • An award-winning poet, playwright, and short story writer, I’ve written in just about every genre there is. I currently herd words into contemporary fantasy novels that dive deep into the emotions of the main characters. And there will probably always be a dog in the mix, because that’s just how I roll. Be prepared with your hankies. Consider yourself warned.
  • In a former life I was a snowboard instructor at Snowbird Resort in Utah and a pet photographer in Los Angeles. I’ve also raced motorcycles (with and without tutu) and jumped out of a helicopter into a lake. All of those things were exciting.
  • In my effort to spread kindness, I’ve been known to hug strangers, especially if they’re wearing something soft and fuzzy. One only hopes they’re wearing something if they’re soft and fuzzy.
  • Originally from upstate New York, I’ve lived in four states, but I moved over 30 times in 10 years because I was running from the law. No. No I wasn’t. Or was I?
  • I live in Los Angeles, with my desperately handsome boyfriend who helps me create amazing book covers into the wee hours of the morning, where I’m working on my first series, The Calypso Curse Trilogy.
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