#OurYearOfLivingBravely – Contagious Courage with Brené & Oprah

Speaking of courage, this past week I decided to jump back into the photography arena and have been working diligently to set up my new Kelly Byrne Photography website. Next week I’ll be back with the post on self-compassion that I promised you last Monday.

Right now, I’m walking the talk by giving myself a wee bit of a break both mentally and physically, not pushing too hard to do too much into exhaustion (like I usually do), and taking time to practice that essential self-compassion we’ll be talking more about next week.

So, in lieu of more great written wisdom from Brené, and her book (seriously – run don’t walk if you haven’t got your hands on a copy yet) The Gifts of Imperfection, I give you a fabulous, inspiring video of her chat with Oprah about courage.

Cause damn! These women. They are amazing. Oprah’s first answer about what vulnerability is will blow your mind. And if you struggle with ‘the disease to please’ pay special attention to Oprah’s answer about clarity of intention. It’s a game changer.

My favorite part comes around 12:45 so take note. Seriously, take notes. It’s awesome.

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I want to hear about YOUR courage. It’s inspiring to all of us. Please talk about anything that touched you in the video or that you’ve been courageous about this past week in the comments. ↓

Here’s my favorite part:

Oprah quote for author kelly byrne blog

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Meantime, be well, be brave, be awesome you!

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  1. Hey you,

    Love this approach! You are sharing your journey by telling us what else is going on in your life, you are walking your talk by showing yourself self-compassion and not pushing yourself too hard and to top it all off you are leaving us inspired by sharing that video.

    Unfortunately I cannot watch this particular video (OWN including most footage of her shows on youtube are unavailable outside the U.S. Sad face 🙁 Been missing O ever since she stopped The O show.) But I will simply use your post as a reminder to watch some of the other footage again.

    Looking forward to next week’s popst.

    Love and hugs, Yvon

    1. Oh that makes me very sad. Well I made a meme of my favorite part, so if you scroll back up just after the video you’ll see it.

      They were talking about shame and how Oprah used to fear hearing the phrases, “Who do you think you are?” and “You must be pretty full of yourself.”

      Brene asks her how she responds to it now. Oprah says, “Now I work at being full. I want to be so full I’m overflowing, so when you see me coming it oughta make you proud.”

      Hell yeah! That just gives me chills. She’s quoting Maya Angelou at the end. ‘When you see me coming, it oughta make you proud.’

      Man. That’s presence. That’s confidence. She talks about overflowing so she has more to give. That’s the whole idea. And I love it.

      Thanks so much for being here, Yvon. I’m sorry you couldn’t watch the video, but I hope you get to see something today that inspires you. Big hugs. xoxo

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